Investment Process

The Fund’s investment process/work plan will include:


The Investment Manager will employ a highly disciplined and established investment decision process. The Investment Manager will screen the proposals of various fund managers for raising monies from the Fund and select/ identify/ recommend the eligible proposals based on the management team, ability, fund focus, performance history, etc. Such evaluation shall principally be undertaken by the Management Team.

The Investment Manager will undertake the preliminary screening of the prospective daughter fund proposals through the in-house team of the Investment Manager.

Due Diligence

The Investment Manager’s approach to due diligence will ensure that it is focused on assessing and pricing the most critical risks and opportunity in all the Daughter Funds/fund managers which are assessed. The Investment Manager will pursue a thoughtful and disciplined due diligence process that will focus on establishing a thorough understanding of a manager’s strategy, technical knowledge, prior performance, expertise, portfolio management skills, value creation capabilities, administrative integrity and organizational stability.

EDF Management Board

Shortlisted prospective daughter funds will be placed before the Management Board for deliberation / discussion on the proposals. In-principle / Sanction letter will be issued to the approved Daughter Funds/fund managers.

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